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The Power of Intuitive Intelligence

Heartmath Institute has conducted multiple case studies showing our innate ability to know what is about to unfold before any evidence is provided. M.I.T. references “Lead by Sensing the Future” as the new Leadership Model and how to access this intelligence.

The speed at which we are all living in today professionally and personally, clearly illuminates the necessity to learn how to access a higher level of intelligence and become skilled at handling the complexities of current day challenges facing this world. The good news is every person has access to it and every person can make a difference!

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For more info about the Value vs. Force Educational Series, please contact Darylle Dennis 720 232-9080

Unmasking the Baby Boomer Myth

Unmasking the Baby Boomer Myth will illuminate the significant impact Baby Boomers have on shaping this world. Dr. Jan Bellermann gives scientific insights to the hidden psychological, physiological and emotional impact of these havoc causing myths. Darylle Dennis shares powerful practical daily applications to make use of these profound transformative realizations. Unmasking the Baby Boomer Myth is a life-transforming shift resulting in personal liberation.