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“I just attended an amazing business forum. VALUE vs. FORCE™ is based upon new theories of business operations, sales & business development from research and studies coming out of M.I.T., Harvard and Wharton Schools of Business. This business forum was presented by the brilliant Darylle Dennis who has been presenting this to businesses nationally. It is theory based largely on VALUE EXCHANGE DYNAMICS™ ­– helping executives carefully link personal Intention, Internal Dynamics with External Methodologies. Quite frankly, I’m not much a fan of these, but this is the first business seminar I have seen/heard that links at its core to my Faith principles of Business as Mission, yet isn’t presented in a spiritual context.”

—Participant at Value vs. Force event, Denver, CO

Darylle Dennis has offered these wonderful new teachings nationwide since October 2005.  Pouring out of Harvard, M.I.T., Wharton School of Business since 2009 is a new business philosophy and practice referred to as Conscious Business and Conscious Capitalism. These practices activate the deepest potentials of those applying these principles from top Executives on through to the front-line staff. The productivity soars and turnover is minimal within these thriving environments.

Value vs. Force™ Educational Series teaches the specifics of Internal Dynamics/attitudes working in cooperation with External Dynamics/actions and how outcomes are effected by both working in harmony within each contributing member of the organization.

Darylle offers:

  • Motivational Keynote Address
  • Leadership and Management Training
  • Sales Conferences/Breakout Sessions
  • Leadership Retreats
  • Workshops
  • Business Plan Designing
  • Sales Skills – Communication Skills/Verbal and Non-Verbal
  • Executive Coaching/Consulting
  • Inspirational Conventions
  • Tailor designed Speeches and Workshops for the company’s specific goals and objectives


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    “A living system continually recreates itself…how this occurs in social systems such as organizations, corporations and global institutions depends on both our individual and collective level of awareness.”

    —Buckminster Fuller