Darylle Dennis Value vs Force

What is Value vs Force?

The biggest challenge facing business today is the usage of methodologies we have used to build our companies and employees from another era; which no longer is effective today.

The challenge that currently exists is the letting go of old beliefs, “this worked for 40 years, it will work for another 40.” Actually is not true. This continues today in spite of the diminishing returns from old methods utilized to manage and grow our companies.

Value vs. Force™ speaks to this challenge most directly. Each and every educational program we offer addresses the conditions and dynamics needed when individuals are productive and effective while performing in their daily activities and accomplishing objectives.

Behavioral Scientists have been studying and teaching for decades the human being is wired to contribute and make a difference.  Operating our lives, functioning and thriving in our business begins with contributing to the well-being of those around us. When we do this, our potential emerges as does our confidence and the qualities that we now bring to any job, project or challenge. These qualities come from our best selves; not our struggling selves.

Value vs. Force Educational Series™ teaches impactful, powerful Internal Dynamics (attitudes and beliefs) working in cooperation with impactful, powerful External Methodologies (actions, practices) which causes an effect that has high level productivity translating into immediate results.

The companies who would most benefit from these teachings and strategies would be those interested in a quantum leap in production and results. Also, the companies who would benefit the most are the ones challenged in some manner for some reason and are determined to breakout and breakthrough of the stuck aspects of their situation. Those organizations would experience and have experienced quantum leaps beyond what was thought even possible.

Value vs. Force™ is “a new way to be in business” that can launch any company and their support teams into the stratosphere of success beyond what they ever imagined possible. We have been teaching, consulting and coaching for 12 years now and the results are consistent for those organizations who give these strategies a try!